Grace Armchair Outdoor

The Grace outdoor collection by Paolo Grasselli is an irresistibly dainty decorative range. Geometric patterns materialize and metal lines trace circles through the air in an artistic élan that is much more deliberate than what it seems at first glance. Metal rings of differing sizes breathe life into a seating and accessories collection where practicality and beauty become one. Empty circles clasp cushioned spheres in a cluster of colored and transparent bubbles, settling down magnificently into a tub chair, a loveseat, a low table, and a pouf. New forms arise where the concept of a chair has been torn apart and made whole again; yet the distinction between space, matter, and object has become blurred. Depending on the arrangement of the rings and the positioning of the cushions, different harmonious patterns can be created – the end result will always be strikingly decorative and surprisingly comfortable. Non-removable covers.