Interior Design Ideas – Autumn Trends 2022

Autumn – the most beautiful and romantic season of the year. It is also one with the most inspiring interior design trends! Trees that were previously green, during fall burst into brilliant gold, red, and orange colors.

Our Salt and Pepper experts have been preparing for this season for some time now, and they are now ready to offer you timeless fall tips and interior design ideas for styling and adding to your home for the cooler seasons. 

So, let’s take a look at our top Autumn trends of 2022!


Redesign Your Home With Salt and Pepper Tips


It’s All About The Colors


Salt and Pepper Loll Sofa Autumn Trends 2022


While trending color combinations may change with each season, we are seeing more timeless shades emerging that promise to stand the test of time. 

This collection allows you to customize the sofa’s colors. This means that, no matter the season and no matter the latest trends, your living room can always be on point by just choosing the correct color for your new sofa. 

The collection works as a proposal that tells a story of contemporary comfort. Made special by the attention to detail, the quality of the materials and the uniqueness of the craftsmanship, the models of the collection couldn’t be more customizable and – of course – comfortable.

The profile of the sofas is underlined by the characteristic sew/cut seam which, like a light line drawn by hand, follows the essential geometries and soft lines of the collection.

There’s no doubt that the Loll sofa collection is just perfect for the autumn season and – of course – an amazing interior design idea to spice up your living!

Like works of art, they represent a calming atmosphere full of peace for a fantastic fall experience this season!


Add a Touch Of Sophistication


Salt and Pepper Fall Trends


Over the thousands of years that the game has been in play, chess sets have come in a huge variety of styles and designs. 

If you’re an avid chess player and want to show off your hobby, or even if you just love the look of it, there are many ways you can incorporate the beauty of chess into your home décor.  

Our Salt and Pepper vivid chess pieces collection is one of the most elegant interior design ideas for your newest additions this fall. Place them in your living room and watch them add a touch of class and sophistication to your home. The stylish chess pieces express a classy and sophisticated theme and the material they’re made of speaks up on its own.

Upgrade the look of your home with just a few simple clicks.

Add to the cart and check out!


Show Off Your Wine Taste 


Salt and Pepper Interior Styling Trends


If you have a thing for impeccable wine, there will come a time when a wine storage option will be in your mind. 

The Metrica Wine cellar lets you maintain an organized wine collection so that you know just what kind of wines you have and can easily access them for the proper occasion.

This is a stylish metal bottle holder with a meter marked by iron bars fixed at varied gaps is both stylish and minimal! Your gorgeous wine bottles will complete the design, thus, creating a whole new composition. Your new Metrica Wine is able to always look stunning especially now that the holiday season is approaching, thanks to its beautiful design that can hold bottles of any shape and color. 

Visit our showroom and get your very own personal cellar!


A Dash Of Pumpkin Spice Aroma


Autumn Trends 2022 Salt and Pepper Diffuser


Scent is one of the most heightened senses linked to triggering emotion. When it comes to interior design ideas, the importance of fragrance and its ability to positively affect our mood is often overlooked. 

Our Interior Designers at Salt and Pepper make sure that no detail falls behind.

The Fragrance Oil Diffuser makes an amazing addition to any home. It helps to elevate the mood with the enhancing powers of the essential oils, create a sense of well-being and promote positive life experiences. Our Salt and Pepper premium scents will take you on a sensory journey with the push of a button. The silhouette is intended to last and master the elegance of symmetry. 

Create a perfume combination that is unique to you and spice up your living!


The Epitome of Coziness


Salt and Pepper Loll Armchair Interior Design Ideas


When it comes to furniture, armchairs are definitely one of the best options out there. Not only do they offer great comfort and support, but they also come in a variety of different styles that can match any type of décor. 

This fall, Salt and Pepper suggests the one and only Loll Armchair! A perfectly cushioned chair that hugs you upon sitting and adds comfort, coziness, and a modern flair to your home. 

The Loll armchair is one of the hottest furniture collections for your living room. Looking at the stunning finishes of this design, you won’t be able to resist, you will definitely want to pass by, get it, and have it all for yourself. 


Elevate Your Living With Salt and Pepper


Warm days give way to cool, crisp nights in the fall.

This fall focus on designing a space you love spending time in. Dive into the interior trends for autumn 2022 and be inspired by statement pieces like the elegant Chess Pieces or the Loll Armchair

Visit our showroom or get directly into our website and learn more about our latest additions.

Our professionals are here to help you choose the right furniture for your home and spice up your living with the most trendy pieces for autumn 2022!