Top Accessories In Limassol – The Best Candles For Autumn

Fall, what a lovely season to see Cyprus! Mountains change color while vineyards take on gold and blood-red colors against crystal clear sunshine. Mornings get a little bit colder and days get a little bit shorter. The first raindrops draw people out into the streets to enjoy that first rain smell. Our fall season in […]

Interior Design: Top 5 Accessories for Your Living Room

Have you ever wondered how interior design magazines create such captivating compositions? Many people are looking for unique ways to decorate their living room but are unsure of what they should do. Interior design compositions that are full of vision and personality are the most inspiring. With Salt and Pepper, your house will be transformed […]

Outdoor Furniture Limassol – Salt and Pepper Must Have Collections

Because of the island’s glorious summer weather, nowadays, properties in Cyprus don’t shy away from beautiful patios and verandas with the best outdoor furniture in Limassol. However, the outdoor spaces are not genuinely living spaces unless we make them livable. Having a natural and peaceful environment outside will encourage you to spend more time in […]

Outdoor Furniture For This Summer Season

When it comes to making your backyard your dream destination, the opportunities to create something beautiful and unique for your home are endless! Use the best of the best outdoor furniture Limassol has to offer and let’s get you your private heaven!   Sometimes narrowing down what’s the best outdoor furniture can be tricky with […]