Discover The Newest Collections Of Modern Italian Furniture

This summer, step into the world of sophistication and timeless elegance with the latest modern Italian furniture collections!

At Salt and Pepper, we are thrilled to introduce you to our latest additions to modern living room furniture. 

Whether you’re seeking a statement piece or a complete room makeover, you are at the right place! Our modern Italian furniture collections perfectly embody the fusion of functionality and artistry, perfect for curating a space that reflects your unique taste and celebrates modern living.

Let’s explore what your favourite furniture shop in Cyprus has in store for you!


A Sofa That Steals The Show

Introducing you to the ultimate protagonist for your living room – the exquisite collection of modern Italian sofas.

These sofas epitomise modern Italian furniture craftsmanship, with unrivalled luxury and impeccable design. They set the stage for an extraordinary living space, where comfort and elegance reach new heights. 

Dive into the next level of style and comfort with our remarkable centrepieces!


Metis Sofa 



The Metis sofa embodies this spirit of versatility and brilliance, seamlessly adapting to different circumstances with its elastic design and imaginative features.

Like a work of art, the Metis sofa casts a spell of modern sophistication upon any space it graces. With it, you can sink into its plush cushions and let its ergonomic design cradle you in a realm of unparalleled comfort and relaxation.


Vela Sofa



Drawing inspiration from the world of sailing, the project is named Vela, Italian for “sail”. 

Just as sailing has always been the epitome of adventure and discovery, the Vela sofa becomes a symbol of transformative journeys and uncharted horizons. The sofa’s graceful curves and fluid lines give off the sensation of wind-filled sails, carrying you away to distant lands of relaxation and luxury.


The Armchair Highlight


Once you’ve chosen the ideal main character for your living room, it’s essential to complement it with the right side piece.

Our latest collection offers precisely what you need: armchairs and comfortable seating options.

Among our standout products, the Pan Flute collection shines the best. Featuring the exquisite Pan Flute Armchair and the stylish Pan Flute Pouf. These pieces not only add a touch of elegance to your space but also provide exceptional comfort and relaxation.


Pan Flout Armchair 



A unique design, that you don’t come across often, the Pan Flute Armchair is a bench that takes the form of an armchair. 

It is an intriguing fusion of functionality and artistic expression, with a striking appearance that immediately captures attention.

The Pan Flute Armchair becomes an inviting curiosity and admiration. Its enchanting allure transcends conventional boundaries, making it a coveted addition to spaces where creativity and sophistication intertwine. 


Pan Flout Bench 



Add a touch of Italian charm to your home with the Pan Flute Bench, one of the unique chairs in Cyprus.

Inspired by the benches found in waiting rooms and along the platforms of Italian railway stations, it subtly creates an inviting atmosphere at any corner of your room.

The soft and plush fabric ensures comfort while lounging, making it perfect for relaxation or casual gatherings. With its compact size and lightweight design, this bench effortlessly blends into any space.


Sculptural Furniture at its Spiciest


To finalize your living room, you will need a table. Not just any table, but a table that will make the room feel complete and bring all the elements together.

Whether it’s a complementary coffee table that will look great next to your couch or a dinner table that will become one of the centrepieces of your living room, Salt and Pepper has it all! 

However, from our latest summer additions, there is one special collection we would like to showcase; the completely enchanting Teatro Magico!


Teatro Magico Table



The Teatro Magico dining table embraces the concept of harmonious design and versatility. With its fabric-inspired base, it captures the essence of the company, while allowing the freedom to unite or separate the table bases, adding a touch of creativity to your space. 

With a variety of shapes and sizes, such as round and oval, it’s the ideal addition to any social gathering.

Teatro Magico Low Table


This is a truly theatrical coffee table that offers a multitude of configuration options, thanks to its remarkable interlocking design. It adapts to various arrangements flawlessly, making it an ideal companion for any modern couch or seating area.

The Teatro Magico Low Table is not just a practical surface for placing drinks and snacks; it is a work of art. Its sleek appearance complements a wide range of interior styles, from chic to minimalist.


Bring Your Living Room Ideas To Life


Now that you got to see the latest and also the finest modern Italian furniture in Cyprus, all that’s left to do is to bring your dream living room to life!

Whatever your style or inspiration might be, we ensure you our latest additions got something to suit every taste and preference. From inspirational sofas and alternative armchairs to dining and coffee tables that steal the show, Salt and Pepper definitely has some of the most exceptional furniture in Limassol.

With the help of our experts, you can confidently select the best pieces to create the living room you’ve always wanted.

Visit the Salt and Pepper showroom in Limassol today and find the best modern Italian furniture for your home!