Outdoor Furniture For This Summer Season

When it comes to making your backyard your dream destination, the opportunities to create something beautiful and unique for your home are endless! Use the best of the best outdoor furniture Limassol has to offer and let’s get you your private heaven!


Sometimes narrowing down what’s the best outdoor furniture can be tricky with so many trends out there, from the best rocking chairs for lounging or durable outdoor rugs crafted to last. So to make your shopping spree easier, we spoke to our Salt and Pepper in-house designers and experts to help identify the top outdoor furniture for this summer season! 


With numerous top-quality pieces of furniture to choose from, Salt and Pepper definitely has what you need to make your roof garden, veranda, or patio THE place to be this summer!


So, let’s dive right in.


New York Soleil Outdoor Sofa 


The New York outdoor collections expand with a line of exclusive seating made entirely by hand. This incredibly comfortable sofa is the product of careful research into materials and the desire to maintain a unique and original design to elevate your outdoor experience.


Outdoor Sofa Trends Summer 2023

Since your furniture will be up against spring, summer, and maybe a few days into the fall durability is the key. The New York Soleil sofa has been designed with exactly that in mind. The ergonomic cushion is covered in a quick-drying, and non-absorbent fabric and is ready to face even the hottest summers of Cyprus. 


Jeko Canopy Sofa


Having the ultimate island vibes the Jeko Canopy Sofa will forever transform your outdoor space. The structure of this exotic piece of furniture is made of ECO Teak, a material coming from the reuse of recovered beams and teak elements that have been repaired with recycled wood assembled and polished to highlight the original texture. Salt and Pepper doesn’t just have the best furniture on the market but we also are passionate about our environmental responsibility. 


Relaxing in Style with Salt and Pepper Outdoor Furniture Summer 2023

Characterized by the wide and low seat, the Jeko Canopy sofa comes with a fully removable cushion to which more cushions and pillows can be, of course, added for your maximum comfort. In the four corners of the sofa arise 4 wooden columns that build the canopy, where white curtains are laid for maximum privacy if your summer garden is visible. 


Inout Day Bed


Outdoor daybeds are a perfect choice to relax on weekends or after dinner. It will enliven your mind and soul. A daybed ensures a perfect setup on breezy summer weekends, where you and your partner can get cosy together and romantic. We all exhaust as the day comes to end and wish we could lie down somewhere out in the air, under the sky. 


Pool Sunbeds for summer 2023

At Salt and Pepper, you can fulfil this desire perfectly with the Inout 81 Day-Bed. Characterized by a reclining structure that combines the ductility and resistance of natural teak, this day-bed is as solid as they come. The look completes the spongy padded mattress with a removable cover to outfit your day bed to perfectly match your style. The look, however, would not be complete without the loose pillows that come with it in order to complete the style and of course to give you the greatest softness. 


Panda Coffee Table


Just because it’s outdoors doesn’t mean your living area has to be boring. You can, and should, dress up your outdoor space with accessories and knick-knacks to make it more inviting. And one of the places you should start? Your coffee table.


Summer trends 2023

This versatile piece of furniture serves as the focal point of outdoor living space, and there are plenty of ways to add character to the table. The Panda 11 Coffee Table can give your outdoor space the edge you are looking for. Triangular shaped with rounded corners and full volumes the Panda coffee table has an aluminium structure and it is fitted with the latest generation of synthetic fibres. Designed to resist water and light and to maintain over time its chromatic qualities, this table is literally made to be outside.


Inout Table


Selecting new outdoor furniture is exciting, but potentially overwhelming. With so many choices, it can be hard to know which direction to go. But with Salt and Pepper, you won’t have to because we have the ultimate outdoor dining table for your set this summer! 


Inspired by Nordic Minimalism, the Inout family of tables is beautifully rectangularly shaped to fit all your party members. Designed with the finest washed teak, the material is subjected to a treatment that gives off the shade of grey which instantly offers a delicate charm. 


Ken Armchair


The best place to spend your spring and summer months – if you’re not holidaying – is your patio. Spending every chance you can out there, enjoying the warmth of the sun on your skin, and the smell of your flowers in the comfort of your outdoor furniture boosts your summer experience and changes it forever. To complete your outdoor set you will need one last thing. That is none other than the Ken Armchair. 


Top Outdoor furniture Limassol

The Ken 23 chair, characterized by its minimal and informal style, is defined by a structure in matt white colour combines with a handmade weaving in a blue rope that guarantees an unexpected density and charm. To top it all off and finish up the look, the polyester rope used for the seating is further coated with acrylic fibre which makes the material extremely flexible and amongst the most resistant to water and – of course – direct sunlight. 


Let’s Do Outdoor!


Let’s design your outdoor oasis with relaxing and comfortable furniture for day and night. Turn your outdoor living area into a magnificent inviting retreat with new and elegantly designed furniture crafted to last through innovative synthetics and materials with natural resilience to weather are now available in our showroom. 


A room does not need four walls, and here at Salt and Pepper, we understand that better than most.