Top Accessories In Limassol – The Best Candles For Autumn

Fall, what a lovely season to see Cyprus!

Mountains change color while vineyards take on gold and blood-red colors against crystal clear sunshine. Mornings get a little bit colder and days get a little bit shorter. The first raindrops draw people out into the streets to enjoy that first rain smell.

Our fall season in Cyprus may be short but it doesn’t go undetected and definitely not without an aroma. The trend for top accessories in Limassol this year is luxury candles!

At Salt and Pepper, you will find an endless collection of incredibly scented candles where you can pick and choose your favorite ones. With more aromas coming soon in both our E-Shop and showroom, let’s explore the top 3 scented candles for Fall 2022.


Discover Your Favorite Aroma


Blond Tabac


Fall is the season for Warm Perique Tabac, Vanilla Husk, and Sandalwood notes!

This amazing scent is strong without being overpowering. Blond Tabac is a lovely smell and can effortlessly blend with your home. Create the most comforting environment with just a candle. Enter your living room with a subtle elegant scent that reminds the smell of tweed smoking jackets and smooth Perique pipe Tobacco.

This outstanding scent is available both as a candle and as a diffuser! Find both in our E-Shop and Showroom!


Baltic Amber


Warm up the ambiance with a sensual soirée of honeyed Amber Resin, velvety Woods and the rich incense of smoldering Vanilla Orchid!

This true handcrafted luxury candle contains rare ingredients, professionally infused and delicately handled to produce the finest of fragrances. The candle container is decorated with a unique art design. It is such an attractive container that is perfect to keep and store treasures once the candle is burned down.

Get ready for a little magic of lasting warmth, with a golden glow in the dark! Find this incredible aroma in our e-shop in both a candle and diffuser and spice up your living, all while in the comfort of your beautiful home!


Crisp Champagne


You deserve to enjoy a little elegance with top autumn candles! Smell the aromas of Sparkling Brut Champagne, Vanilla, and Barrel Oak!

Breathe in aromas of vanilla, apples, and peaches deriving from a chilly oak cask! The Crisp Champagne scented candle perfectly captures the moment before a bottle of champagne is opened. Perfectly turning every day into an occasion to toast to the moment, this aromatic candle has managed to bottle that first-sip kind of feeling.

This isn’t a dream! It’s an invitation to take a deep breath and become a member of the club of this wonderful perfume! Discover Crisp Champagne among the top accessories in Limassol! It’s available in our online store or you can visit Salt and Pepper and smell it yourself!


Brand New Addition!



This may not be a candle but is one of the top accessories in Limassol you can get this fall! With this diffuser, you can get all your favorite aromas all around your home! Get ready to impress everyone with this new extraordinary fragrance!

Our cordless, ultrasonic Fragrance Oil Diffuser takes you on an aroma journey with the touch of a button! Our diffuser allows you to create a perfume combination that is unique to you, and tailor the strength to your preference. Fill up the blanks with this fragrance to your life!

This brand new addition will allow you to effortlessly scent your space and uplift your mood wherever the day may take you. Choose your signature aroma from our vast collection and embark on a journey through the senses.


Smells Like Fall


Fall is the perfect time to cozy up with a good book, a cup of tea, and a scented candle. With the weather getting chilly and shorter days, candles can add some much-needed warmth and light to your home.

Fall candles in particular have a special appeal, with their rich, warm scents evoking memories of falling leaves, cozy fires, and holidays spent with friends and family.

Find all the top accessories in Limassol only at Salt and Pepper and pick your favorite. Finding your signature scent has never been easier with our scented candles collection which will truly transcend your senses! Don’t forget to check out our e-shop or visit our showroom to explore all of our new additions up close!

Take home today your favorite aromas and enjoy a wonderful fall season!