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Because of the island’s glorious summer weather, nowadays, properties in Cyprus don’t shy away from beautiful patios and verandas with the best outdoor furniture in Limassol. However, the outdoor spaces are not genuinely living spaces unless we make them livable.

Having a natural and peaceful environment outside will encourage you to spend more time in your garden. Enhance your outdoor space with Salt and Pepper today!

Does your space need a spice-up?

Outdoor living ideas, with carefully chosen quality furniture, elevate the image of your home. Salt and Pepper is your one-stop shop for Designer furniture in Cyprus. Here we have the outdoor furniture Limassol essentials!


Jeko Collection

Garden Design Trends 2023

Inspired by the appeal of an exotic ambience, the frames of Jeko are made of ECOTeak, a material made from recycled teak beams and pieces recovered from traditional wooden homes on the Indonesian island of Java. Eco-friendly furniture is a great gift for the environment, elements are restored with reclaimed wood, assembled and sanded to bring out the original grain, and then hand-polished with hemp cloths and shavings.


Jeko Sofa

Outdoor Sofa Cyprus outdoor furniture

This is one of the most comfortable outdoor sofas available now at Salt and Pepper. This top-quality outdoor furniture in Limassol includes a wide and low seat with a removable cushion, to which loose cushions can be added for more comfort. Adding this beautiful piece of furniture to your outdoors will instantly elevate the overall look of your home!


Jeko Armchair

Salt and Pepper Cyprus Design trends 2023 outdoor furniture

Another beautiful creation that belongs to this collection would be the Jeko armchair. This lounge chair evolves a light construction in white, grey, or sage-painted colors.

It consists of tubular aluminium, an ecological material that is impressive for its technical advantages. Its weave is colored in the gray, black, or blue elastic strap. You can now get yours from our showroom, it won’t be available for long!


Guna Collection

Outdoor design trends 2023 outdoor furniture

Guna is created with a strong multi-ethnic inspiration, which includes rugs, charpoys, pillows, and coffee tables.

“Guna” is a Sanskrit phrase that means “energy that envelops all things,” representing a weave of yarns, stitches, and textures, as well as influences, relationships, and cultures, all highlighting the designer’s effort.

The designer’s unique collection is inspired by Indo-European cultures.


Guna Side Table

Salt and Pepper Limassol Styling Ideas 2023

This list wouldn’t be complete without the top outdoor must have item, the Guna Side Table. It is a gorgeous low table with a spherical top and sculptural base. The side table is available in vibrant red, white, and a gorgeous blue color.

Come by our shop today, feel the furniture, and admire them up close. A lovely table that you literally can’t leave out from your outdoor furniture essentials!


Guna Charpoy

House Styling Ideas for Summer 2023 outdoor furniture

Salt and Pepper introduces Guna Charpoy, a traditional Indian bed that is low and spacious. Using nautical ropes in natural vibrant red, or deep-sea blue colors, the designer succeeds in creating a stunning piece of furniture.

Woven by hand to the wooden structure, this piece is perfect for outdoor use. The wood is weather and water-resistant making it perfect for Cyprus weather, whereas this creation is characterized by flared legs, where the seat cushions rest.


Panda Collection

Summer trends 2023 outdoor furniture

Combining unique design soft lines, an aluminium frame, and fluffy oversized cushions, the Panda collection represents weaving history for outdoor furniture.

This soft design adds extra comfort with the latest generation of synthetic fibers arranged to withstand water and sunlight, maintaining their qualities over time.


Panda Sofa

We couldn’t bypass this adorable Panda Sofa that would fit perfectly in your outdoor space! The Panda couch features soft, welcoming curves and consistent volumes and is available at the Salt and Pepper showroom!

The Panda Sofa not only colors your evenings with comfort but also, offers you tanning sessions in style before winter arrives. With a sofa like this, your lifestyle will turn vibrant and full of joy with friends and family, having a beer or two while breathing fresh air and sightseeing nature.


Panda Armchair

Outdoor furniture trends 2023

You could never go wrong with a cozy Panda armchair, which is available at the Salt and Pepper showroom!

This unique armchair has soft and welcoming curves and constant volumes. Its weaves in white and grey Panda Resin synthetic polyethene thread are designed to withstand water and light.

This way, the armchair can keep its chromatic properties and a highly natural and lasting appearance. However, for added comfort, the seat and backrest include big cushions with replaceable covering.


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