Hashi Modular Sofa

Literally “chopsticks” in Japanese, Hashi modular sofa starts from a system with a minimal and rigid structure that calls to mind the oriental instrument from which it takes its name.
The different modules of the sofa, made comfortable thanks to the seat cushions in variable density polyurethane foam and polyester fibres covered with outdoor polyester canvas and non-slip breathable bottom, have the structure of the base and frames of the backrest in steel treated for outdoor use. The peculiarity of Hashi lies in the use of the Accardi Outdoor Jaquard technical fabric that wraps and envelops the iroko wood elements at the bottom and at the top. A sustainable, lightweight, waterproof fabric carefully crafted by artisan weavers, Accardi’s Outdoor fabric creates a textured pattern that blends harmoniously with the wooden structure with irregular cross-section, once again highlighting the reference to Japonisme and the local craft tradition.